DWI/DUI Administrative License Suspension

You may be surprised to learn that you can lose your driver's license following a Georgia DUI arrest even if you have not yet been convicted of the underlying criminal offense. In fact, the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) can administratively suspend your license for at least one year even before you have the opportunity to defend yourself in criminal court. This penalty can be particularly harsh given how much we rely upon our licenses to get to work or to complete everyday tasks.

If you are at risk of having your driver's license suspended by the DDS due to a DWI/DUI arrest, contact The Law Office of Skyler A. Taylor, P.C., today. Under the guidance of attorney Skyler A. Taylor, we can help explain the differences between administrative DWI/DUI penalties and those imposed if ultimately convicted of drunk driving. Recognizing and understanding these distinctions can be crucial when developing a comprehensive legal defense.

License Suspension In Georgia

When you are arrested under suspicion of DWI/DUI in Georgia, you will likely be asked to take a Breathalyzer test or other alcohol or drug test. If this test indicates you are over the legal limit, you may face a DWI/DUI administrative license suspension of:

  • One year if it is your first administrative license suspension in the last five years
  • Three years if it is your second administrative license suspension in the last five years
  • Five years if it is your third administrative license suspension in the last five years

Importantly, if you need your license for work or medical care, you may be able to seek a limited permit while your license is suspended, but it depends upon the circumstances. Also, you may be able to apply for a reinstatement of your license after a certain period, but you will likely have to pay a fee and attend DUI risk reduction classes.

Additionally, if you think you can avoid these issues by simply refusing alcohol or drug testing after being arrested for DWI/DUI, think again. A breath test refusal, or the refusal to take other alcohol or drug tests, also may result in a one-year suspension for first-time offenders in Georgia.

It is important to mention that you can request an administrative hearing if you are facing a DWI/DUI license suspension by the DDS, but if you wish to do so you must pay a $150 fee and make the request within 10 business days. Also, this hearing can only address whether or not you failed or refused your alcohol or drug test and not the primary DWI/DUI charges. In fact, if you are ultimately convicted on DWI/DUI charges, you will likely face many additional ― and more severe ― penalties.

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Following a DWI/DUI arrest in Georgia, it can be extremely difficult to navigate the state's administrative and criminal process, which is why it is always best to contact an experienced attorney.

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